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Profound and honest designs inspired by the human touch.

Spending his formative years in the city of Manado in North Sulawesi,   

Award-winning Indonesian product designer Eugenio Hendro has always possessed a keen attention to detail, a love for exploration, and a passion for the culture of his home country.

A graduate from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) majoring in industrial design, Eugenio has always had a keen eye on designing objects and furniture items that incorporate a variety of cultural contexts, combining modern technology with traditional craftsmanship.

The rich and heterogeneous culture of Indonesia has continued to inspire the Hospitality Indonesia Gold Designer 2019 winner even to this day,

bringing to the fore its diverse elements in his masterpieces.

By empathising with the challenges that are faced by people and their natural environment in this modern age, Eugenio would incessantly and holistically explore the many possibilities in managing and overcoming these predicaments through his product designs.

“The spirit behind my design philosophy is all about provoking a fresh mindset and perspective while redefining luxury.”

eugenio hendro - sketching - cirebon.jpg

Bridging the gap between cultures, emotions, and lifestyles holds a significant value and has
become one of the cornerstones of Eugenio Hendro Design Studio.

eugenio hendro - factory 2 - cirebon.jpg

At Eugenio Hendro Design Studio, the collective goal is to break boundaries in cultures to conceive seamless design sensibilities and recalibrate the way an object is created.

By pushing the limits in contemporary furniture design, each product commands an understated sophistication behind its façade.
Deriving inspiration from Indonesia’s diverse culture, the studio understands that culture in itself must be flexible and adaptive enough in the face of a future where the environment is constantly fluctuating.

To overcome this challenge, they have delved deep into long-standing traditions, fusing them with a modern approach to concoct a message, experience, and value that are a cut above for users.

Traditions are combined with the studio’s drive and know-how to conjure designs that are at once unyielding and beautiful, all entrenched in the purpose of devising exquisite pieces that honour artisanship and designed in a thoughtful and ethical manner.

“We design for the future by embracing the past.”
eugenio hendro - winnow tables - process gif.gif
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